Why Choose Us

Our company's manpower has the capability to handle every type of project ranging from 'smallest to largest' and 'simplest to complex'. This doesn’t end up here. Nextray Technologies also developed their own in-house products which are sold under the reputed brand name ‘Whites’. We just don’t believe in selling, rather we believe in complete solution; which begins from consultation to designing to planning to implementation to assisting to maintenance. That’s the uniqueness and exclusivity which makes Nextray Technologies different in the mob of competitive counterparts.

Designed, Developed and Manufactured:

In house research and development team follows new and emerging trends in the lighting field to design and develop unique products, which undergoes all the necessity quality check at each point of product development process to ensure smoother production.

Continuous supply:

We have our own moulds of all our products which allows us to supply continuously with similar quality and unlimited quantity.

BIS approved control gear:

BIS approved control gear manufacturing facility gives added advantage to the quality of the product.

Quality Management:

Specialized Teams go through following processes to manage the quality of the product.

  • Systematic measurement of the raw material.
  • Monitoring at each point of production process.
  • Offline quality check.
  • Comparison with standards.

Control of Raw to Ready:

In-house facilities and infrastructure to produce every assembly part needed in the product allows us to control the systematic production from Raw material to Ready product.

Specialized Team for Each Process:

To work more efficiently and productively we have delegated each work process and formed the teams as below

  • Research and Development
  • Designing
  • Production
  • Quality Management
  • Dispatch
  • Service
  • Sales and Marketing

Darkness always remains ahead of light - a strong reason for nextray technologies to travel fastest.